Do you have questions about weeds or vegetation in or around Sunset Lake? If so, please contact our Weed Watch Coordinator.

Note regarding RETAINING WALLS from NHDES Wetlands Bureau:

Generally, the repair of a retaining wall structure on a non-tidal water body requires a permit from DES. Depending on the scope and nature of the repairs, one can file a Permit by Notification (PBN) #12 (Repair or replacement of an existing retaining wall.) if one meets all the required criteria outlined in the application packet. If the repair exceeds the criteria outlined in the PBN forms, one should file a Minimum Impact Expedited Application. Should you have additional questions please visit the DES website or contact the Inspector of the day at (603) 271-2147.

Thinking about working on your shoreline and/or retaining wall?

If so, please click here to access and familiarize yourself with the Shoreland Protection Act.
It is very important that you understand what may or may not be allowed to do under this act.

Although we're cute                            we do pollute!
Please don't feed the ducks.

Click Here to download SLA By Laws

Sunset Lake is one of many lakes in southern New Hampshire. Sunset Lake sits between Big Island Pond and Angle Pond near Rt. 111 and Rt. 121. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Sunset Lake is 151 acres, approximately 1 mile in length and 1/2 mile wide. Map it!

We are a membership based organization dedicated to serving the best interests of the people owning property on the shores of, or having legal deeded access to, Sunset Lake (a.k.a. Wash Pond) in Hampstead, NH. As an association we bring together the energies, talents, and funds of individuals for common efforts.