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1. Camp Tel Noar moving north/east to Ells Road

2. Ells Road

3. Orcutt and Hastings Drive

4. Wash Pond Road

5. Blue Heron and Duston Ridge Road

6. Beach Rd. and Chelsaria Way

7. Bonnies Way and Bailey Shore

8. Sunset Park Campground

9. Timberlane Road area

10. Easterly end of Shore Drive including Lake Avenue and Hilltop Lane

11. Westerly end of Shore Drive including Shirley Street and Harris Avenue

Sunset Lake Association

The Sunset Lake Association is governed by a board of directors along with area delegates and alternates.

The board meets monthly to discuss important items and exchange ideas on how to best serve the needs of the lake community.

The delegates and alternates meet with the board during the summer season to discuss anything that may pertain to their area.

We welcome any questions, comments, compliments or complaints.

Board of Directors
(listed in alphabetical order - revised 7/22/18)
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Keith Capulli
- kcapulli@comcast.net
Paul Comeau - pclc45@comcast.net​
Bob Nugent - rlnuge@aol.com​
Don Shedd - dshedd@comcast.net​
Howie Steadman -  howiesteadmans@aol.com

Mike Trenholm - trenholm@comcast.net

Pat Wilkinson - foxywilkie@yahoo.com

District Delegates & Alternates

(see map below for districts)


Katie Kendrek

(603) 401-4783

Lynn Clarke

(978) 790-5299





Samantha Borbone
(603) 489-8563

Artie Adams

Paul Comeau
(603) 382-5115

Gabrielle Smith

(603) 692-3635


If there is an opening in the district you live in and you are interested in volunteering to be a delegate or alternate, please contact one of the officers or current members of the executive committee. Thank you.


Dave Pare

(603) 235-2717
Pam Santa Fe
(603) 819-8476

Keith Capulli
(603) 489-1958

Pat Wilkinson
(603) 489-2977


Marilyn Moran

(603) 489-2977

Alan Woodman
(603) 329-4922

Bob Nugent
(603) 329-6025

Howie Steadman
(603) 329-4288

Mike Trenholm

(603) 329-5598

Tom Robinson

(813) 997-4883